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Kod Produkt Wymiary
1600805 TC wire-K-0,8-1427

2xØ0,8 mm, K-type wire

Tmax = 1420 °C

1 rolka = 300 m

1600804 TC wire-K-0,8-870

2xØ0,8 mm, K-type wire

Tmax = 870 °C

1 rolka = 300 m


urządzenie do pomiaru temperatury za pomocą podczerwieni


Infrared temperature measuring devices indicate the surface temperature of workpieces. With the infrared instrument, rapid temperature measurement on site is possible. The portable sets are easy to use and quickly indicate the desired measuring values without influencing the process.

Product no Product Temperature range
2201002 Infrared MT4U -18 ... 275 °C
2201008 Infrared ST60ProP -30 ... 600 °C
2201010 Infrared ST80ProP -18 ... 760 °C

rejestrator temperatury








ET4102M temperature recorder     Protection case

The HM-ET4102M is a 100 mm chart recorder with clear three-colour digital display. It is equipped with a 6 pen multipoint instrument. The HM-ET4102M is installed in a steel box, but it is possible to install it directly into a standard instrument panel. The use of preconfigured inputs caters for ‘fit and forget’ installation.

The recorder is used with preheating unit HM403T.

4100 protection case
Table 54.        HM4100 Protection case