Pekka Arola is the newest Wizard

We had an interview with Pekka Arola, who recently started at Heatmasters in Turku. Arola's versatile job description includes office work jo and physical tasks, since he will be working in heat treatment and also as an office assistant. Arola has previously worked in sales and in the IT. Arola is ready for another challenge at Heatmasters, and the job is becoming familiar to him.

- After a long stint in the wood sector, the most challenging thing in the new work has been to learn the properties and working methods of a completely different material. But I am, by nature, inquisitive and I am interested in learning new things, so it has been a joy to learn.

Arola has been impressed by the Heatmasters as a company.

- Heatmasters seems like a nice fit to me, where I think I'm going to enjoy myself and make an impact. In addition, 45 years of history prove that Heatmasters is here to stay.

For the rest of the calendar year, Arola will continue to learn the ropes. There are however new goals for 2020.

- In the future it would be great if I could take advantage of my education and my previous experience in sales. In addition, I am interested in various IT-development projects.

In his leisure time, Arola can be seen on a bicycle ride or at a disc golf course.

- And whenever I have time for it I love to take my Ducati for a round. In winter, I try to maintain my fitness by going to the gym, and when schedules and weather permit, skiing is also an integral part of my winter activities.


Welcome to Heatmasters, Pekka!