Heat treatment, blasting, painting and transportation from one source

Heatmasters takes the responsibility for the whole package including heat treatment, surface treatment and transportation with its cooperation partners according to customer’s requirements. This gives the customer an opportunity to focus on its core competencies and make his life more hassle-free.

Utilization and combination of existing resources in the delivery chain requires openness and true will to improve things. In other words the best results are achieved by planning the processes together with all process owners. This was exactly what Sami Marjanen (Haapasaari Works Oy), Erik Eroma (Heatmasters Lämpökäsittely Finland Oy), Mikko Hannula (KSP-Kaarina Oy) and Jaakko Heikonen (Paimion Kuljetus Oy) have learned recently.

Heat treatment in Turku Service Center

”We are emphasizing quality, safety and improvement in our operations. As a good example we have deployed weekly “Elmeri+” reporting for continuous improvement. We review the operations with the personnel to keep an active dialogue and to be able to react immediately to improvement suggestions. We have extended our ISO 9001:2008, ISO 17663:2009 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications to apply also the Turku Service Center in September 2016. This is an important milestone in reaching our targets and desired level in daily operations. And this same high level of quality we are now able to offer in our value added services thanks to carefully selected partners”, says Ilkka Mujunen, President and CEO of Heatmasters.

”We are transporting the frames for heat treatment to our Service Center in Turku. After heat treatment the frames will be taken to surface treatment to Mikko Hannula’s team at KSP-Kaarina Oy”, says Erik Eroma, Head of Turku Service Center.

Visual inspection of the welds is an important step in the process. Defected areas are marked and delivered back to customer for corrective actions. Also new measures which save the environment have been introduced by Mikko. For example water soluble alternative has been found to primary paint.   

From the city of Kaarina, the primary coated frames continue to the warehouse of the end customer by Paimion Kuljetus (Paimio Transportation). By adjusting together with Jaakko (Paimion Kuljetus) and Sami (Haapasaari Works) the needed timetables with the current transportation routes the team ended up into a cost efficient, optimized solution. Learning curve was very steep thanks to adjusting the proven way of working.

“Regular discussions about transportation with Jaakko continuously improve the quality of the total package. Paimion Kuljetus provides a safe and on-time transportation”, Eroma continues.

Heatmasters want to help its customers to focus on their core competencies and offers heat treatment, blasting, painting and transportation as a single, optimized package. Available at Heatmasters Lahti and Turku Service Centers in Finland as well as in Będzin, Southern Poland.