A closer look into heating elements - Did you know?

There are different kinds of heaters for different needs. 

Insulated VET-preheaters
are suitable for the preheating of flat or round workpieces, and are easy to use. The thermal insulation is part of the element. Fixing onto the workpiece is simple and fast using steel banding or clamping magnets.

VET-Flexible preheating element.jpg

VET-Flexible preheating element

VHV-heating mats are suitable for preheating, postweld, heat treatments process heating etc. VHV-heating elements are used for flat or round workpieces

VHVP-heating mats are about half size of VHV-type heating mat and they are designed especially for Heatmasters’ inverters and Heatmasters’ thyristor type power sources.

VHY-stud heater is used for pre- and post weld heating of studs and outlet tubes. The form of VHY-stud heater enables to fix the heater near around the weld.

VHK-heating mat spreads like fingers and is suitable for use on cone-shaped workpieces. It is used typically on the welds of studs and outlet tubes etc.

The VLV-channel heater is designed for pre- and postweld heating with normal heat treatment devices. It is used for the internal heating of tubes and other cylindrical workpieces as well as for heating temporary furnaces.

VLV channel heater.png

VLV-Channel heater

The VLH-Channel heater is designed for pre- and postweld heating using normal heat treatment devices. VLH is used primarily for preheating and temporary heat treatment furnaces but is also suitable for many other applications.

The VPE-chamber heater is designed for preheating pipes and tubes from the inside using normal heat treatment devices. There are two standard sizes, others are designed and produced according by the order. Maximum produced length is 7,0 m.

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